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Walk & Talk Therapies

I offer walk and talk therapy in the Sway area of The New Forest National Park.

During walk and talk therapy the counselling session takes place outdoors walking side by side. You set the pace just like in a traditional indoor session, yet the dynamic can be different, you and I are on the same footing, literally.

These sessions might be no different to meeting face to face, they can also be an opportunity to connect more with the natural world, including aspects of mindfulness and breathwork. This can be especially welcome for those who are finding that their lives have become more computer based, static and indoors.

Before meeting outside, we have one appointment by zoom or face to face to explore the suitability of this way of working together and any concerns you may have, what kind of walk we do and how we manage things like confidentiality as well as practicalities such as the weather.

We will discuss the type of terrain that will be most suitable for you, and I will offer a choice of routes which have all been risk assessed in line with the requirements of my professional insurance. We also discuss issues of confidentiality and how we will negotiate encountering other people when out walking.
It might be that we work together in a combination of online or face to face and walk and talk. We can explore what might work best for you.

"In every walk in nature, one receives far more than s/he seeks"

John Muir